Landing Pages, Web Forms, and Email Marketing all inside WordPress

The great thing about WordPress is the ability to do almost anything these days. There are so many plugins available for almost every aspect of online marketing that you need not worry about multiple third party solutions.

I along many others like the idea of having everything integrated inside my own WordPress site.

As you know, one of the major requirements for the modern day online marketer is the ability to create landing pages that convert visitors into leads. There are many popular third party solutions out there including Leadpages, and Unbounce, but they do require a monthly fee. That may be fine depending on your situation, but a quite popular alternative is a plugin called “Landing Pages” by Inbound Now.

This plugin is free, and has paid add-ons available for specific purposes. You can create your own landing pages if you like and integrate custom fields that allow you to re-use that landing page for multiple purposes. I find this quite a flexible solution as once it’s setup, it is very quick to edit and I don’t find I need the ability to drag elements around the page when I have something that works. The other benefit to the Landing Pages plugin is that is has a web form component built-in. What I like about these web forms is they automatically remember user details when that user returns to your site, or if you have a 2-step landing page sequence this will autofill fields on your second page.

The missing part here of course is email autoresponder integration. While InboundNow does have extensions available for the major third party autoresponder systems, I have grown quite fond of Mailpoet which is an autoresponder and broadcast email plugin for WordPress. Again, having everything inside of WordPress being the aim.

All you need to do to hook these together is an extension by InboundNow called “MailPoet Integration”. That will sync your InboundNow lists with Mailpoet lists, and you will be ready to rock’n’roll. There are a few other email autoresponder plugins for WordPress, but MailPoet is by far the easiest and nicest to use.

So, if you’re looking for a great solution to landing pages, web forms, and email marketing, you can have everything integrated together inside Wordpess with the Mailpoet Integration plugin.

Mike Leembruggen

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